Great Options in TheHolmGroupAZ The Boulders Home Listings

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Searching for just the right home is not necessarily easy. So many things have to be considered, like what type of home is preferred, what amenities matter the most, the area where the home should be located, and a budget for the home purchase. Shopping for your next home on your own could leave you feeling a little confused and overwhelmed. Instead, you could look for TheHolmGroupAZ The Boulders home listings.

What is The Boulders?
Located just to the north of Scottsdale, The Boulders is a community of homes situated in the Sonoran Desert. The name of the community comes from the large, breathtaking standing boulders that scatter the landscape. The Boulders is a golf community, offering a 27 hole golf course in its center. Many of TheHolmGroupAZ The Boulders home listings are even located on the golf course, affording fantastic views. The Boulders is a community within a community. While the larger location by that name offers a variety of amenities to all residents, there are actually a dozen separate communities located within its borders. This allows a buyer to choose just the right location, home style, and neighborhood feel. Amenities of the whole community include:

  • Swimming pools
  • A community center
  • Walking trails
  • Activities
  • An on-site spa

Boulders Homes for Sale
The homes located in the community were first built in the 1980s when the area was first planned out. Since then, many of the homes have been renovated to include modern options and styles. However, a buyer will have access to both renovated and non-renovated options. Those who want a clean slate to design the interior the way they would like may prefer to look at homes that have not yet been renovated. TheHolmGroupAZ The Boulders home listings include residential properties available with varying views, including views of the golf course itself.

TheHolmGroupAZ is a team of realtors specializing in providing residential home options to people in the greater Phoenix area. The group offers expert experience for those wishing to sell their home in the area. Additionally, the realtors can help buyers interested in relocating to areas like The Boulders by providing detailed information on the homes for sale in the area, as well as about the area itself. When a buyer chooses to work with a high caliber realtor, they will find sorting through the numerous homes for sale in the area to be much easier and much less overwhelming.