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Considering A Solar Energy Conversion

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If you are like many homeowners across the country, you have probably already considered making the switch to a clean and renewable energy source like solar energy. You have heard the buzz phrases like reducing your carbon footprint and going green, and the idea of saving money while saving the environment sounds like a great idea. More and home homeowners are realizing this, and they are right. However, it is important to be as informed as possible when considering such a change. There are many myths and half truths out there when it comes to energy sources, so it is important you know facts and not assumed truths which might not entirely true. Here are some key points to know before making the switch to a residential solar energy system.

Your Home Can Help

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Verengo solar panels can offer the average household power capabilities which they hadn’t previously known. The term solar energy is one which many have heard of in some capacity but is not effectually one that everyone has a clear understanding of. Solar energy is the heat and light and power radiated from the sun. This power can be harvested, as it is constantly shining when the earth’s rotation is in the daylight access and this harvesting has to do with the absorption of heat. When an object receives sunlight directly, it becomes warm, and this is the similar concept of harvesting sunlight to be converted into solar power which can run a home. The sunlight is absorbed by solar panel on the roof of a home and then it is applied to the inner workings of the home as electricity would be. Essentially, the sun is providing a new version of electricity for a home to run off of, in a way, and this makes for a much lower utility bill monthly as well as the capacity for a home to better participate in the global dialogue of green energy.

Switching to Solar Power Cheaply

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All across the country savvy homeowners are lining up to get their custom solar energy systems installed.  This is not surprising, as all signs are pointing to the sun as the new primary energy source for the future.  Never before has it been so easy and affordable to switch to solar energy, and never before have the benefits been so enticing.  Most people who take a good look at the facts end up arriving at the same conclusion – going solar just makes sense.

The financial benefits of switching over to solar power are causing many people who may not have considered it in the past to rethink their position.  With the current state of the economy being so tumultuous, living costs soaring through the roof, and the price of fuel in particular skyrocketing higher and higher every day, it is not surprising that so many people are seeking out real solutions.

The average homeowner spends thousands of dollars on just electricity on an annual basis.  Being able to eliminate those bills is truly a monumental step for anyone, however in the past that just wasn’t possible.  Today, it is.  With the help of simple solar equipment, it is entirely possible to make those annoying bills go away for good.  All of that money that is not being wasted on dirty electricity can be saved, which makes solar power one of the most lucrative long-term investments out there.

Taking the Initiative

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If you live in California you are probably aware of the recent announcement by Lancaster’s mayor R. Rex Parris, that all newly built single-family homes are required to have a minimum of 1.0kW solar energy systems installed starting January 1st, 2014. This is great news for the environment and another push toward keeping Los Angeles County as the solar generating leader in the state of California. Of course, this does not mean you have to live in Lancaster, California in order to take part in this environmental step forward. Any homeowner can make the switch from grid energy to solar energy use at any time.

Bellflower resident, Kevin Johnson looked into residential solar panels for his home last year after some persuasion by a friend. Kevin had been looking for new ways to reduce his carbon footprint in addition to the recycling and bicycle commuting he was already doing. When he learned that utilizing energy obtained from the sun would minimize his dependency on fossil fuels even more, he was sure it was the right decision. His next step was to find a solar panel installation company that provided support in his area and one that was highly respected. Seeking the advice of his friend, Kevin contacted Verengo Solar.

Ed Asner Talking about Verengo Solar Panels and Benefits to Solar Energy

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As a homeowner you have enough to worry about such as your mortgage, the upkeep of your home, and natural/unnatural disasters. You do not need the added stress of high energy prices. When oil and gas prices are reaching all-time highs, it would seem that homeowners cannot catch a break. However, solar panels have become the new wave of clean energy as it makes its way to homeowners nationwide. While harnessing the energy of the sun isn’t new technology, it is easier than ever to have solar panels installed for your home. Companies like Verengo Solar make residential solar panel installation easy, carefree, and most of all, affordable! Verengo has become so popular that you will see Ed Asner talking about Verengo solar panels.