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The Outlook for Rare Coins in 2014

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Investing in rare coins is something that anyone can do. Coin collecting is a great past time that men and women have enjoyed doing for centuries. Whether you collect rare gold and silver coins because you are interested in numismatics or because you want a hobby that you can share with your children and even your grandkids, a coin collecting can be fun and fulfilling, and can also be turned into a great investment asset if you choose to do so.

If you are fairly new to the world of coin investing, it is important to know the future outlooks for this market for the upcoming years. Professional investment analysts have predicted that 2014 will be a good one for coin investors, so if you are thinking about buying coins, now is the perfect time to do so.

Adding The Best Rare Coins To Your Collection

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When you make the decision to start an investment in rare coins, you are met with a wide choice of coins to add to your collection. But how do you know which ones are worth investing in and which should be avoided at all costs? It can be hard to see the best picks when you don’t really know what you are looking for. Of course you want to buy a coin that will make money. But how can you be sure that the rare coins you are buying will grow in value over the coming years? There are no crystal balls when it comes to predicting the value of rare coins, but with a little knowledge you can see which coins are growing in value and would be worth buying and adding to your collection of rare coins.

You need to start your search for rare coins by finding out what makes various types of rare coins desirable to coin dealers and collectors. There are a number of factors that rare coin collectors look out for, and knowing what these factors are will help you to add the best rare coins to your collection. Quality is a big factor that can make or break a rare coin’s value. You need your rare coins to be of good quality and in good condition. This can be the difference between a coin making money and a coin costing you money. Coins that are in a good condition and are without scratches or scuff marks will make you a greater amount of money than damaged coins. This is something that experienced coin dealers will always look out for – and something that you should be sure to look out for too.

Increase Your Net Worth by Investing in Rare Coins

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Are you interested in diversifying your portfolio? Are you stymied by all the choices for investments? Every investment comes with its risks. You can’t possibly know exactly what the economy and the market will do in the coming fiscal year, but some investments come with higher risks than others.

While higher risk investments generally come with higher yields, it’s good to hedge your investment bets with some lower risk, long-term bets. Investing in rare coins is one of your best opportunities for increasing your net worth.

Silver and Gold Coins for a Great 2014

Rare Coin Collecting

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Coin collecting can be a very simple and casual process, but once you begin talking about rarer and more valuable coins, it gets a bit more complex. It is easy to spend almost no money and collect coins which are not worth anything, but it is much more difficult to acquire and collect coins which will retain their value and gain more value over time. You should do research on your own, but you should also speak with experienced professionals and well known numismatic firms. This will help you know all there is to know about the various coins you are considering, including what they are worth and what they are likely to be worth in the future.

Rare Coins Are An Attractive Investment

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Over the last 20 years investing in rare silver coins has become more popular, and became even more popular after the Great Recession as investors began searching for alternative investments, other than stocks and bonds. According to cointrackers.com, coin collecting in the US alone is a $10 billion a year industry. While the dividends aren’t immediately apparent, rare coins appreciate in value over the course of time.

Collecting rare coins offer a way to store wealth and it is patriotic as well. Coin collections can be left to family members long after you have left this earth, and it will be worth much more than leaving your heirs flat dollars. After all, one can only wonder how weak the dollar will be in 10 and even 20 years down the road.

Market Watch says that to truly succeed in rare coin investing you need to sleep, eat, and dream about rare coins. In other words, you must be truly fascinated by rare coins, because this ensures you have the necessary knowledge to succeed. Experts say classic rare gold coins along with high end silver and copper coins offer the best way to invest. However, you must be savvy enough to spot fraud because there are counterfeiters within the collector ranks. You can neutralize this negative aspect of the hobby by being well versed in rare coins.

How To Properly Invest In Rare Coins

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Rare coins are always a good investment – but only if you know how to do it. The fact is that like all investments, buying rare coins poses several risks to the investor. The goal is to minimize those risks as much as possible in order to come out on top.

So exactly how does one go about when investing in rare coins? For those who are fairly new to rare coin investing, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Know the Difference between Price and Value

Interchanging price and value can be a costly mistake for many coin collectors. The price is basically the buying price of the coin. This represents the amount you paid to obtain the product. The value of a coin however refers to the amount you are willing to sell it for. The goal of every coin investor is obtain a piece that has a higher value than its price.

Coin Collecting Basics

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Before starting a coin collection, there are some basic points to consider.  As with any investment, you want to be able to predict what will happen as accurately as possible.  With rare coins, attention to detail can mean the difference between a profitable investment and a money pit.  Rare coins are an incredible opportunity, as long as you take some precautions.

As you seek out your rare coin, keep in mind that its condition is easily one of the most important factors that will be considered when it is time to resell it.  Even if you have a very rare coin that is difficult to obtain, most collectors will not be interested if it is scratched and unsightly.  Even if a coin is not as rare as far as being obtainable, if you have the absolute best version of it, then that gives it scarcity in its own way.  Ideally, you want to own something that nobody else has, which will make the demand that much greater, allowing you to set a higher price tag.

Invest in Rare Coins For a Bright Future

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Many people are buying rare coins for their precious metal content because gold and silver spot prices have remained high the last few years. Others collect rare coins for their heritage and use the hobby as an enjoyable pastime. Still, some collect rare coins with profit taking foremost on their minds, because very rare coins in mint condition can bring in a hefty financial gain from the lucrative coin collector market.

An alluring article appearing on cbsinvestment.com titled “Tips for a Bright Future in Rare Coin Investing” says rare coin investing offers a great return on investment. The article correctly asserts that to be successful in rare coin investing you must also have a basic understanding of the collectible coin market. When money is pumped into the rare coin market it means demand has increased, yet the supply of rare coins is small and finite. Since demand goes up the value of rare coins goes up too, making it a lucrative venture for sellers.

The article also squarely states that rare coins are a good investment during times of financial turmoil and high inflation. This is because most collectible coins were produced with gold and silver and these precious metals have commodity market value and offer investors a viable safe haven against a sour economy. In addition, rare coins not only offer monetary gain, but are like works of art that give collectors years of enjoyment.

Why Rare Coins Are a Solid Hard Asset

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Reliable investments are a rarity, to say the least.  This much is true at any point in time, but during these times of economic downfall, the risk is especially high.  Unfortunately, relying on and saving fiat currency is even more of a gamble than most long-term investments!  That is why hard assets are widely regarded as the best way to store wealth.

Tangible items with intrinsic value consistently retain their value better than paper money, even during times of recession.  The problem with paper money is that it is only worth what it is assigned.  With so many bills being printed out constantly, it does not have any true worth.  It also can’t adequately back up the amount of gold that it should, as the ratio of dollars to gold is drastically askew.  The result is a devalued dollar with minimal purchasing power, and no real solution.

Choosing the Right Kind of Gold Coin

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Gold coins are the most timeless, classic symbol of wealth – and for good reason.  Gold is real money.  Fiat currency is does not have true intrinsic value like gold does, nor does it have the staying power of gold.  Gold has been around since the dawn of time and has been a store of value since.  They say that an ounce of gold could buy a fine suit a century ago and it can still buy a fine suit today.

For the modern investor or collector, gold coins are a must.  These tokens add stability to a financial portfolio, as well as much-needed diversity.  Gold is an essential addition to anyone’s savings, and will help to protect them from faltering.  You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, and owning gold allows you to avoid the problems facing paper money today.

Ways to Tell if a Coin is Real or Fake

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Because coins are often quite valuable, they are often targeted by less-than-savory crooks trying to make an easy buck. Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, some of these fakes can be quite convincing. Knowing what to look out for will help you to avoid spending your money on a worthless object. Of course, the best way to avoid counterfeits and scams is to simply buy from reputable dealers, but being able to tell the difference is a valuable skill either way.

The most effective way to avoid fakes is simply through experience. If you handle and view enough legitimate silver or gold coins, you will just know when one doesn’t seem quite up to par. Being able to tell the difference is a sort of sixth-sense that cannot be learned – it just comes with time. For instance, if you were to bring a fake to a seasoned numismatist, they may take one glance and then let you know right off the bat that it’s not legitimate.

The Correlation Between Advancing Gold Bullion Costs and Rare Coins

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With the cost of gold bullion on a steady rise, many seasoned numismatists and new collectors alike are wondering if buying rare gold coins is still worth the cost of admission. Many experts speculate that the price of gold could skyrocket well past $5,000 an ounce within the next five years. With this knowledge in mind, it is important to give some critical thought to our investment strategies.

The short answer is, quite simply, it depends. In any market there are always going to be subtle nuances and fluctuations that can change the game completely. Analyzing the past and present helps us to determine what the future may hold for bullion and rare coins, but there is obviously no way of knowing for sure what is to come.