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What to Make of the Precious Metals Outlook

Precious Metals
What to Make of the Precious Metals Outlook 5.00/5 (100.00%) 6 votes

Sometimes, actually making an accurate assessment of the precious metals outlook can be a complicated affair. To make it a bit easier, it’s oftentimes worthwhile to take a look at the precious metals outlook by looking at one metal in particular. Taking a look at silver is a good way to assess the precious metals outlook for the coming year. The reason for this is that silver has the prestige that comes with age and it has many uses in modern manufacturing. That makes it useful in terms of the fact that you can think of it in the way that you would think of gold or you can think of it in the way that you would think of platinum.

Precious Metals Investment Outlook Shows Promise

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In our highly connected world, many different things can affect the planet’s economy. A change in a political regime, an issue with a bank across the sea, or a faltering economy in a small country you know little about can have huge ramifications on the market where you have your investments. It is a volatile world out there, and investors are looking for better and safer ways to keep their investments.

Metals are Good in Uncertain Times and Good Times
The market is never truly certain, and it is impossible to know what the future will bring. This causes some uneasiness amongst investors. Instead of letting that uneasiness sway you away from investing though, it is something that one should embrace and understand. The unease helps people from making poor decisions. It helps you realize the importance of taking a step back so you can understand the risks and the volatility involved. It also helps to know the precious metals investment outlook.

The Silver Lining In Precious Metals Investing

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As the global economy continues to falter, many are resorting to precious metals investing to diversify portfolios, protect wealth and hedge against possible runaway inflation that many see as an inevitable result of current financial policies of the Federal Reserve.  While many flock to gold as the obvious safe haven, silver is an often-overlooked precious metal whose star is on the rise.

The Many Uses for Silver Bolster Precious Metals Investing

While silver has traditionally been prized as an attractive metal for use in jewelry, and minted as coins and held in bullion form, silver’s primary use in today’s economy is industrial.  From solar panels to cell phones, new uses are popping up every day that harness the unique properties of this precious metal.

Savvy Investors And The Precious Metals Outlook

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After all of the economic commotion that took place starting in 2007, many investors are ready to find something that will provide long-term stability. They’ve seen the harm irresponsible national fiscal policies can cause. They’ve seem the turmoil that ineffective management at our financial institutions leads to.

Some, lacking a true understanding of how the global economy works, fear that there will never be a full recovery. Of course, this is a rather foolish postulation. The world will continue as it always has, even if the most dominant economies have changed. This is why savvy investors are paying attention to the precious metals outlook.

What the Global Economy Has to Do with the Precious Metals Outlook

All precious metals are traded on an international level. There is demand for gold in the United States, China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. When someone invests in gold, they aren’t relying on any single economy’s ability to grow their wealth. They’re relying on the economy of the world.

When Investing In Precious Metals Consider Gold To Silver Ratio

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Many people are suggesting investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium currently due to instability globally in terms of economies and paper currency.

Typically, precious metals are considered safe ground for retreating investors when times are too difficult. It is more or less common knowledge in the investing world that gold and other precious metals increase in value with the stock markets are struggling or currency is unstable, which has made it somewhat of a go to investment tool in recent years due to ongoing economic instability.

Though many expect that to continue to be the case, this article on investing in precious metals points out an interesting situation that is developing whereby instead of focusing on precious metals as a whole or singling out gold, investors should be giving much more serious consideration to silver.

The Precious Metals Outlook of 2013 Shows Less Volatility

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There are significant signs that the upcoming precious metals outlook for 2013 will be significantly less volatile than in 2012. Precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum, had their fair share of volatility last year. With the United States Congress’ recent approach to the potentially “devastating” fiscal cliff and stabilization of economic uncertainty, many commodity markets have finally found themselves on an even keel. This is a result of investors coming to understand that politics do not always necessarily wreak havoc in the marketplace.

Many analysts are now predicting that 2013 precious metals outlook forecast is something that every investor should pay close attention to, before making their purchases or selling off existing investments.

Gold Is on the Rise
The average price of gold during 2012 hovered around $1680 per troy ounce. Experts agree that this precious yellow metal could reach highs of $1775 per troy ounce this year, and slightly more in 2014. If so, this would be one more phenomenal year for gold prices, which have significantly risen steadily and consistently over the last 13 years.

Determining the Precious Metals Outlook

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Before you can determine the precious metals outlook for the future, you have to look at two things. First, you need to look at the economy, and then you need to look at supply and demand. The two actually work together to drive prices up.

The Economy’s Impact on Precious Metals
When the economy is good, people play the stock market and invest in things that are backed by cash. However, when the economy goes downhill, investors are more likely to put their money in precious metals.

Precious metals make good investments during bad economic times because they are practically immune to inflation and deflation. That’s because precious metals have an intrinsic value and their demand outweighs their supply.

Supply, Demand and Precious Metals

Investing In Gold And Silver In An Individual Retirement Account

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Many investors will use an individual retirement account or IRA to invest money to be used for their retirement. IRAs provide tax incentives for people to save for their future. The most common investment vehicles for IRA funds include stocks, bonds, CDs, treasuries and mutual funds. Recently the IRS has allowed precious metals to be included in IRA investment strategies. This is good news for a lot of investors who are worried about the state of the worldwide economy today. Investing in gold and silver and other precious metals makes good financial sense in today’s turbulent economy.

Why Investing in Gold and Silver Makes Sense for IRA Accounts

As long as the precious metal investment is located on paper and a third party administrator actually holds onto the physical assets, an IRA account holder can now add precious metals to their portfolio, regardless of whether they have a traditional IRA account or a ROTH account. The precious metals need to be listed on paper so that the IRS can follow them and determine if any taxes need to be paid on the income they generate for the investor.

Great Advice About Investing in Precious Metals

Great Advice About Investing in Precious Metals 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes

A recent article in MoneyFT.com gives excellent advice about investing in precious metals. Unlike many articles that have made the rounds on financial sites in recent years, this one is devoid of ideology and very sober in its assessment of the potential for investing in precious metals in 2013. Any investment is complex and this article takes that on without flinching.

Will Precious Metals Go Up?

There is some variability of opinion as to whether investing in precious metals is something that’s likely to reap huge profits in 2013. The article on MoneyFT gives a very levelheaded assessment of the potential.

Right now, precious metals are priced very high relative to their historic prices. Gold is hovering in the mid $1,000 per ounce range, which is an excellent price for this metal. The price of the metal is largely because there is still a lack of confidence in the markets.

Precious Metals Investing Can Diversify Your Portfolio

Precious Metals Investing Can Diversify Your Portfolio 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes

We live in increasingly uncertain times when it comes to investing. You don’t have to look very hard to figure that out. Simply pick up a news magazine or pay attention to a commercial break while you’re watching television.

We’re all being peppered with ads and stories of the risk and instability associated with our investments. That means that it’s more important than ever to properly diversify, and that goes beyond investing in a variety of stocks and bonds.

Precious metals investing is a smart way to further diversify your portfolio and limit your risk of suffering a financial catastrophe if the markets take a nosedive.

Best Precious Metals to Invest In

When it comes to precious metals investing, you have four key options to consider: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. First, let’s understand how each is used and where they draw their value.