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Gold Outlook in 2014

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A lot of investors that are wary of placing too much of their money in soft assets, such as stocks, bonds and other derivatives, after the Financial crisis of 2008 have turned to investing in precious metals such as gold in order to diversify their asset portfolios.  Analysts and experts that deal with precious metals exchanges have predicted that the price of gold is poised to go on a roller coast ride in the coming calendar year of 2014.  While they initially predicted that gold would continue its typical rise or at least remain at a steady level in the coming year, these predictions have become less popular recently as political and fiscal decisions made in Washington have darkened the outlook for gold investing in 2014.  However, it still appears to be relatively positive, as China continues to lead the way in terms of investing.  This is despite the fact that other emerging economies such as India (which has traditionally been the largest consumer of gold) appear to be reducing their demand for gold.  This coincides with India’s significantly increased demand for silver, which is due a variety of factors included silver’s tie to industrial production and a growing middle class and rural Indian investor interest in various types of silver investments.