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Your Own Golden Fleece

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There is a strange tale of a ram with gold fleece, from Greek mythology. If anyone is familiar with the story, they likely know about Jason and the Argonauts. Where Jason is sent on a quest to steal the gold fleece and bring is back to King Pelias. Like most good heroes, Jason successfully takes the fleece and returns home on his quest. The story of how the fleece got to Colchis is far more brilliant and intricate than Jason coming to slay a dragon.

Athamas the Minyan, a king from Southern Greece took the goddess of clouds, Nephele as his wife. They had two children together, but then Athamas fell in love with another woman. Nephele left, but her children stayed. Their step mother became jealous of the children and started plotting for ways to kill or get rid of them. Nephele then came to her children one night with a ram that had gold fleece. The ram was the offspring of Poseidon who had slept with a nymph. The children climbed on the back of the ram, who then flew away in the sky. The daughter fell to her doom, but the son was taken safely to Colchis where he then hung the fleece in the sacred garden of Ares.

Gold Investing in 2014

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If you are interested in starting precious metals investing, gold is one of the best options out there for you. With gold, there is more demand for the metal among other options, and it tends to be the most valuable. While the prices for gold metal does fluctuate a lot throughout the year, the prices have remained mostly steady in the previous years and the outlook looks very good for 2014 and 2015. Experts believe while it has been a bit low in 2013, this will turn around between spring and summer of 2014.

The History of Gold
Gold has been around for thousands of years, and used as currency for over 2,500 years all over the world. It is one of the most treasured precious metals across the world, with just about every country using it either for jewelry, currency or in different industries, like automotive and manufacturing. At one point, the amount of gold someone had on their person dictated how wealthy they were. While the gold market has changed a lot over the years, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a great metal when you want to start investing in precious metals.

Investing in Gold Continues to Be a Sound Strategy

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Long before stocks, bonds and even money, there was gold. Since the moment it was discovered, gold has been a valuable commodity every civilization in the world has coveted. In modern times, this hasn’t changed. Despite the countless options, investing in gold is still a popular choice. However, for many, now doesn’t seem like the time to start. The recession has made everyone hesitant about where to put their money and for those who are new to investing in gold, it can seem like a risk best worth avoiding. Although a certain degree of caution is wise, investing in gold remains a wise choice. Continue reading to learn why this is.

Gold’s Value
As mentioned, historically, gold has always been valued. Long before scientists learned it was good for so many practical applications, humans were simply attracted to it. Obviously, this hasn’t changed.

Maximize your First Precious Metals Investment

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In any investing scenario, knowledge is power.  The most important factor that determines success is you.  If you blindly buy something and hope for the best, there is always the slight chance that things will work out in your favor, but why gamble?  Learning how to maximize your investment potential isn’t difficult; it just takes a little bit of effort on your part.

The internet is truly an incredible resource for virtually any topic you can fathom.  As long as you are able to filter through the gunk that can clog up the tubes, there is a wealth of information waiting to be discovered.  Simply spending a few hours browsing forums and reputable websites will provide you with much more insight than you had previously.

Silver versus the Dollar

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We all need dollars to live in the United States. Still, the dollar has lost much of its purchasing power over the last 10 years as the FED has again decided to pump large amounts of fiat dollars into the US economy. This does not bode well for buying groceries and other products where real dollars are needed. According to The Trading Deck gold and silver are set to rise, as a weaker dollar is usually followed by a rise in gold and silver prices.

According to The Daily Reckoning we can all return our own finances back to the time when money was backed by gold, even if our government won’t. There is sound argument for this, because when we compare the dollar to gold over the last 100 years we find the dollar has lost most of its value. Of course, since gold is trading at over $1700 per ounce, many investors are turning to modestly priced silver instead. Currently, silver trades at just over $34 per ounce and is more affordable than gold. You can verify the silver spot with the Monex silver prices chart when needed.