Vanguard Mutual Funds

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If you are busy man spending your whole day on the stock market, then I am sure that you have come across a company by the name ofVanguard Mutual Funds Vanguard, or if you have spent any time going through investment news or making any inquiries about mutual funds, chances are for sure that you must have encountered the name of Vanguard mutual funds. The Vanguard Mutual Funds Company was founded in the year 1975 and since then the company has clearly become a leader in the mutual fund industry worldwide. Vanguard mutual funds company employees around 2500 work force from around the world at it seven head offices around the globe and gives a turn over of around $800 billion under the management. Vanguard mutual fund is clearly a popular choice amongst mutual fund investors who are coming daily at the stock market in search of golden fortunes.

The family of Vanguard mutual funds provides a variety of over 100 types of mutual fund offers. The most popular and the largest of them all is the Vanguard 500 Index mutual fund. This mutual fund trades along with the other one of the major mutual fund program the Fidelity Magellan Fund which makes up for nearly $100 billion dollars each financial year.

This family, which owns the Vanguard Mutual Funds, is known for its share market indexing skill expertise and learning attitude. Vanguard Mutual Funds Company led the way for the index mutual funds in 1974. The founder of Vanguard mutual funds company, John C. Bogle, has written many books and did a wide research on diversification using index investing. Their award-winning website,, includes a large section titled: “Education, Planning, and Advice” which includes the fundamental articles, cross-examinations, quizzes and the latest news about all that is going on in the mutual fund market.

Vanguard mutual funds are also know n for their low operating expenses and high margin that can be earned easily in comparison to other mutual fund programs. According to the study made, the vanguard mutual fund Vanguard’s operating costs are one-fourth the average mutual fund. Vanguard’s no load mutual funds are very attractive to the educated fund investor who understands how much every percentage point counts.

There are a number of honors that Vanguard Mutual Funds Company has received in the past few years. The company was nominated by the Forbes’ “Best Buy” rankings. won top honors in Forbes’ 2000 “Best of the Web” issue. Forbes also selected the site as the best site.