The Precious Metals Outlook of 2013 Shows Less Volatility

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There are significant signs that the upcoming precious metals outlook for 2013 will be significantly less volatile than in 2012. Precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum, had their fair share of volatility last year. With the United States Congress’ recent approach to the potentially “devastating” fiscal cliff and stabilization of economic uncertainty, many commodity markets have finally found themselves on an even keel. This is a result of investors coming to understand that politics do not always necessarily wreak havoc in the marketplace.

Many analysts are now predicting that 2013 precious metals outlook forecast is something that every investor should pay close attention to, before making their purchases or selling off existing investments.

Gold Is on the Rise
The average price of gold during 2012 hovered around $1680 per troy ounce. Experts agree that this precious yellow metal could reach highs of $1775 per troy ounce this year, and slightly more in 2014. If so, this would be one more phenomenal year for gold prices, which have significantly risen steadily and consistently over the last 13 years.

Traditional Fluctuations in Silver
Many analysts believe that silver is likely to outperform gold in the next 24 months. However, as it is the most utilized precious metal by volume, it tends to fluctuate more than palladium, platinum and gold. The price of silver has averaged around $31 per troy ounce this year. However, with the uptick in world economies along with a higher demand for the precious metal, it might rise higher than its peak of $35 per troy ounce, which was reached just months ago. Not every analyst is sure that the supply of silver will increase over the next 12 months. If not, the industrial and jewelry segments of world industries will certainly weaken its supply, increase its demand and raise its price.

Platinum Is Ready to Shine
Averaging well over $1550 per troy ounce during the last year, the price of platinum is expected to rise fast. Many experts forecast that this precious metal could reach an all-time high of nearly $1700 by the end of 2013 and nearly $1800 in the following year. That could be a significant rise of nearly 15% in 24 months. Additionally, experts agree that platinum will likely overtake the price of gold before 2015. This is mostly because of South African mining strikes that are causing huge volatility in the market, along with increasing demand and minimal supplies.

Palladium Prices to Rise
The precious metals outlook for palladium indicates that this precious metal could outshine all of them. Analysts all agree that the demand for palladium will push its price up significantly. This is due to a tight supply, along with a growing demand. Averaging around $640 per troy ounce in 2012, those numbers could easily be broken, with higher returns, over the next 24 months. Many experts agree that the price of palladium could rise to $750 per troy ounce in 2013, and well over $900 per troy ounce, over the next year.

Overall, analysts are extremely bullish about the precious metals outlook for 2013. Even though the closure of four major shafts in the South African mining industry has been planned for years, the market is not ready to accept minimal supplies.

As always, precious metals continue to maintain a safe haven for individuals wanting to diversify their investment portfolio. As experts anticipate that the precious metals outlook will significantly outperform many of the world’s necessary industrial metals, investors will continue to take physical control of gold, silver, palladium and platinum.