Taking the Initiative

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If you live in California you are probably aware of the recent announcement by Lancaster’s mayor R. Rex Parris, that all newly built single-family homes are required to have a minimum of 1.0kW solar energy systems installed starting January 1st, 2014. This is great news for the environment and another push toward keeping Los Angeles County as the solar generating leader in the state of California. Of course, this does not mean you have to live in Lancaster, California in order to take part in this environmental step forward. Any homeowner can make the switch from grid energy to solar energy use at any time.

Bellflower resident, Kevin Johnson looked into residential solar panels for his home last year after some persuasion by a friend. Kevin had been looking for new ways to reduce his carbon footprint in addition to the recycling and bicycle commuting he was already doing. When he learned that utilizing energy obtained from the sun would minimize his dependency on fossil fuels even more, he was sure it was the right decision. His next step was to find a solar panel installation company that provided support in his area and one that was highly respected. Seeking the advice of his friend, Kevin contacted Verengo Solar.

Some people worry that having solar panels installed on their home is a complicated process. Kevin was one of those people. However, he was surprised to discover that making a phone call was the hardest part of the entire process. A highly skilled solar panel expert from Verengo arrived at Kevin’s home to complete an assessment. Verengo provides the best quality solar panels and installation. This assessment helps determine the appropriate solar energy system needed for Kevin’s home and energy needs.

Once the best solar panel system is chosen, the solar panel professionals installed the system on Kevin’s home. At first he thought he was in charge of that process but he did not have to lift a finger. Verengo made everything simple for him. They even advised him on all of the money saving opportunities he could take advantage of as a result of having solar panels installed on his home. Kevin had not even thought about the financial perks of going green with solar energy. His main concern was reducing his carbon footprint and solar energy seemed like a great way to do that. So not only was the process easy, it also came with a few added bonuses.

Since his switch from grid energy to solar energy, Kevin’s utility bill has decreased drastically. He is paying nearly 50% less every month. Solar panels have also provided him with more awareness of his energy use and as a result he finds himself using natural light even more than before. Tax season also offered a financial surprise for Kevin. The federal government offers a 30% tax credit for qualifying homeowners who have solar panels installed on their home, yet another reason to go solar.

As the condition of the environment pushes cities to enforce solar energy use, some individuals like Kevin are doing so because they want to make a difference. The simplicity and financial incentives of the process are merely an added benefit.