Investing in Junk Silver Coins

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Most people in today’s tough economy look for an edge. They search for the cheapest gas stations and look for bargain investments. Savings accounts pay such little interest there is almost no point in having one, and stocks have become more like an amusement park ride than a way to reliably invest. The market can make great gains one day, and sink the next. The dollar is fast losing value as the FED continues to add stimulus to the economy. On the other hand, silver is by far the best bargain investment you will find.

Luke Burgess, writing for Investment U Research says silver bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle can carry big premiums when purchased. However, there is a way to buy close to the silver spot price, and that is by purchasing silver junk coins. The catch is, you must buy them in bulk, but going this route can be a good investment despite their less than flattering name. The most common junk silver coins refer to coins minted prior to 1965 which contain silver. These coins contain between 40 to 90 percent silver, along with other metals. sells silver junk coin bags containing both 40 and 90 percent silver coins. The 40 percent silver coins were the last coins to be struck with silver. These bags are a great way to get started in silver investing, because on the one hand these coins are legal tender and can be used as cash in a pinch, and they hold value based on the current spot price of silver. Some investors buy both the 40 and 90 percent silver junk bags, along with American Silver Eagles.

According to a main reason to invest in silver $1000 silver junk bags is because they are official US minted coins. In other words, these coins are easily traded worldwide. This is important, because some silver investments such as privately minted rounds do not share this characteristic, making junk silver coins highly liquid in the event fast cash is needed. In addition, junk silver coins provide a low cost and easy way to offset risky stock or bond investments, and when you buy junk silver coins you are guaranteed they will never be worth less than their legal tender value.

Investment U states that when market conditions are right it is possible to actually buy bags of junk silver coins for less than the spot price of silver. This cannot be said of silver bullion coins. You will be hard pressed to find any dealer willing to sell American Silver Eagles below the spot price. For example, most uncirculated American Silver eagles carry a 10 to 15 percent premium over the spot price of silver.

In the end, investing in silver junk coins is an easy and inexpensive way to invest in silver, without the high premiums that are attached to silver bullion coins. carries junk silver coins and their four decades of investing experience can take your portfolio to new heights. Moreover, you can typically buy these coins for only 1 to 3 percent over the silver spot price.