Choosing the Right Kind of Gold Coin

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Gold coins are the most timeless, classic symbol of wealth – and for good reason.  Gold is real money.  Fiat currency is does not have true intrinsic value like gold does, nor does it have the staying power of gold.  Gold has been around since the dawn of time and has been a store of value since.  They say that an ounce of gold could buy a fine suit a century ago and it can still buy a fine suit today.

For the modern investor or collector, gold coins are a must.  These tokens add stability to a financial portfolio, as well as much-needed diversity.  Gold is an essential addition to anyone’s savings, and will help to protect them from faltering.  You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, and owning gold allows you to avoid the problems facing paper money today.

There are different kinds of coins that will fit your needs.  Private companies that make coins, like the Bradford Exchange and Franklin mint produce coins that are not officially issued by any government, which makes them less collectable and diminishes their growth potential.  History has shown that government issued coins tend to fair better on the secondary market, especially as long-term investments.

Bullion coins are an excellent option for those who want to buy coins mainly for their precious metal content.  Although generic ingot bars may be slightly closer to the base spot price, coins tend to be more liquid, should you need to sell.  Many people simply prefer coins because they are attractive and a pleasure to behold.

Proof coins are bullion coins that are held to a higher standard than the others.  These are struck with extra care and are visually stunning.  Often proof coins are released in limited or commemorative editions, which can add to their collector’s value.  Proof coins should be approached on a case by case basis, as some of them may not age as well as others.

When it comes to choosing the best style of bullion coin for your needs, you should also think about whether you would consider yourself more of an investor or a collector.  If you love the designs of coins, completing full sets, the historical value, and the joy of accruing these pieces, then you may want to simply buy the coins that make you happy, with less of a rigid approach.

There is nothing wrong with collecting with plans to profit later on down the line.  In fact, most collectors buy with a long-term plan in mind.  Believe it or not, it is actually possible to plan for the future responsibly and enjoy yourself at the same time!  Buying coins like the Saint-Gaudens gold eagles allows you to have the best of both worlds – a valued collector’s item with intrinsic gold value.

Deciding between rare coins, proof coins, and bullion coins does not have to be difficult.  They all have many benefits, unique and the same.  When it comes to choosing the right kind of gold coin for you, you really can’t lose if you buy smart.