Why More Homeowners Should Choose www.VerengoSolar.com Solar Panels

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It’s not an easy decision. It’s a choice that many homeowners simply are afraid to make. That’s because the very idea of switching a property “off the grid” to use a renewable energy source can be a little daunting. Homeowners realize it will cost some money and they also may be wary of the decision because they simply don’t know that much about www.VerengoSolar.com  residential solar panels. Obviously, it’s a big decision, but it’s one that can be made so much easier if the homeowners in New York, New Jersey, and California learn more about the numerous advantages and benefits to this renewable energy source.

For every concern that a homeowner may have about solar panels, there is a benefit to match and assuage fears.

Problem 1: Solar Panels Are too Expensive
It is true that having www.VerengoSolar.com solar panels installed in a home is an investment that some people may feel unaffordable. However, the inherent benefits to choosing solar energy will immediately outweigh this cost when understood more clearly.

  • Solar panels eliminate or vastly decrease a monthly electric bill. By saving a few thousand dollars a year, the homeowner will more than make up for the initial cost of having solar panels installed.
  • There are incentives offered by private organizations as well as government authorities to defray the expense of having solar panels installed.
  • A homeowner who has switched their property to this renewable energy source will be able to enjoy a yearly break when they file their income taxes. The government lets homeowners claim 30% of the value of the solar energy system, and that can save big money on a yearly basis.

Solar panels do cost money, but there are numerous ways to make them more affordable. In addition, they will more than pay for themselves in just a few years because of an eliminated electric bill.

Problem 2: What Happens on Cloudy Days?
Many homeowners are very nervous about choosing solar panels for their home because they are frightened they will have no electricity on cloudy days. However, this isn’t how the www.VerengoSolar.com panels work. They don’t just turn immediate sunlight into electricity. Instead, they store up energy and then use those banks of power to turn on the lights and run the house. This means that even on cloudy days, a home will still have electricity. In fact, an added advantage is that homeowners on solar power will be able to enjoy energy even when the rest of the neighborhood is suffering from a blackout.

Problem 3: Solar Panels Make the Property Values Go Up and that Means Higher Property Taxes
One thing that homeowners will need to check on would be the property taxes. While it isn’t the case in every single county, numerous local governments are making the decision to wave the added value to the home specifically due to www.VerengoSolar.com residential solar panels. That means they will not count this added property value when determining taxes. They do this as an incentive to switch to solar since t is such a good choice for the environment.

So many homeowners may balk at the idea of switching to www.VerengoSolar.com residential solar panels because they think there will be too many problems. However, the numerous different benefits to choosing these panels for a property will definitely debunk any myths or problems that some homeowners may believe to be true. Choosing solar energy isn’t just good for the environment. It is also good for the property owner because the panels will help to save money in numerous ways and they will ensure the house always has power even when the city is dealing with outages and blackouts.