Tips for Investing in Rare Coins

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If you want to add value and diversity to your investment portfolio, rare gold coins are a great option. Investing in rare gold coins is only one way to invest in precious metals, and also one of the most popular options recently. After the global economic crisis that happened from 2007 to 2009, investing and markets have changed quite a lot. Precious metals trading has become one of the safest and most popular forms of investing. Here are some guidelines to follow when it comes to investing in rare gold coins. You have many potential sources for buying rare gold coins, including collectors, dealers, private sellers, and auction houses.

Gold Coins are Portable
One of the top benefits to investing in rare gold coins is that they are portable. It is a risk-free investment that lets you hold on to the coins you purchase until it is the right time to sell. Rare coins are considered a portable and long-term investment strategy. In most cases, you’re not buying and selling, or trading, in a short period of time. Coins are so small and portable; they can be transported and stored just about anywhere. If you have them shipped, you aren’t paying much for the weight, and if you need a safe place, even your own wallet is large enough to store a few of them. You can also get full sets or buy single coins, depending on your needs and what the availability is.

Increase in Appreciation
There is also a recent appreciation of rare gold coins that is providing a number of benefits to investors who are trying to get better balance of their portfolios. With appreciation, the value is increasing while the coins are in your investment portfolio. This is usually the result of economic changes and certain price inflation periods. You can benefit from it in 2014 through all different types of physical assets, including rare gold coins and other physical precious metal investments, such as bullion. When the value of a dollar is increased, the value of your coins increases.

Selecting Coins
When it comes time to select rare coins for trading, there are a few things to consider. First, find out the issuance quantity. The rarer something is, or the fewer there were issued, the higher the value is going to be. This may not identify the rarity, but it does help you determine which coins are better than others. Another way to tell if a coin is going to be valuable is if the majority of the ones issued are out of circulation or simply worn out and in bad condition. These factors usually add to the mintage of the coin, which is found out during the coin’s grading process. It is another reason why professional grading is so important for rare gold coins you plan on investing in.

Dealer Red Flags
As mentioned previously, there are a few different sources to buy your rare gold coins from. Dealers are a popular option, as they usually have a wide selection and go through reputable graders to provide you with all the information you need about the coin. But there are some red flags they might raise to signal a bad dealer. One of them is if they are a new dealer. While they may in fact turn into a great dealer down the line, you don’t want to go with a dealer who hasn’t been in the business long. They likely don’t have proper experience to truly get you what you want. Another red flag is a dealer that tries to push coins on you, doesn’t listen to what you want, or they try to make promises about a coin’s worth or what the market is going to be doing.