Have a Great 2014 by Investing in Rare Gold Coins

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If you want to diversify and stabilize your investment portfolio, you can’t do much better than investing in rare gold coins. Analysts and advisors will tell you that you should invest about 10% to 20% of your portfolio’s value in tangible assets, objects that you purchase that will appreciate in value over time.

Tangible assets tend to be long-term investments that are lower risk than a lot of the high-risk/high-benefit stocks and bonds investments out there. If you’ve been told that your portfolio is volatile, it’s time to invest in some long-term “sure things”, like rare coins.

Over time, rare coins, especially bullion coins, made of a pure (or close to pure) precious metal will appreciate or depreciate in value based on the worth of the metal they’re made from. Investing in rare gold coins means that your collection will never be worth less than their weight in gold. Their worth may, on the other hand, increase a great deal beyond their weight in gold. Let’s discuss some of the things to look for when investing in rare gold coins.

Bullion Value
The bullion value of your gold coins is the value of their weight in gold. This is the lowest price you could possibly get for your coins, even if all of the coin collectors in the world gave up and deemed coins uninteresting and worthless (a very unlikely turn of events).

When you’re investing in rare gold coins to hedge your investments against inflation and to stabilize your portfolio, you should think about the size of the coins you’re investing in. Financial advisors recommend buying coins no lighter than one ounce. A smaller coin, in great condition, may have a higher numismatic (collector’s) value today, but you never know when that market will change. If you buy gold coins that have bulk to them, they will always be worth at least as much as that bulk.

Speaking of the weight of your coins in gold, let’s talk about purity. The purest gold coins have the highest bullion value. However, this can be a problem when it comes to your coins’ numismatic value. You see, gold is a very soft, malleable material. That means that a pure gold coin is more likely to get scratched or marred over time, simply by being in circulation.

To hinder the degradation of coins, coin minters have, in many cases, added other metals, like copper, to gold coins to harden them. When you’re investing in bullion coins, you’ll want to avoid this. However, if you’re investing for the appreciation of a coin’s numismatic value, you may actually want to go with a coin that is not pure gold.

Finding a Trustworthy Dealer Has Never Been Easier
Before the dawn and proliferation of the Internet, to get into coin collecting, you would have had to read quite a few books. Finding experts on coins and coin investment was a great deal more difficult, and the lack of proliferation of coin images made counterfeiters’ jobs much, much easier.
Now, with expert help just a few keystrokes away, you can rest assured that you won’t get taken advantage of if you do just a little bit of research. You can find a reputable coin dealer online simply by checking out customer reviews and a little bit of online research.

Buy Now While Prices Are Low
This is the perfect time for investing in rare gold coins. The economy is just starting to come back from this recession, and gold remains flat for the moment. However, analysts expect that, after a minor dip in the first couple of months, that gold will begin to rise steadily in value again throughout 2014.

Investing in rare gold coins is always a good idea, but it’s an especially great idea right now with our current and forecasted economy.