Your Guide to Gold Investing in 2014

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It seems like the economy in the United States as well as in major countries across the world is recovering nicely. While experts agree that things seem to be on the upswing, no one is a fortuneteller. There is a chance that the economy could tumble once again, and anyone who has started depending on economic values such as money and the stock market, could suffer extensively. That’s why plenty of investors, both private and corporate, are looking for ways to protect their assets through diversity. If you want to ensure that your own portfolio is safe no matter what he economy may do, you do have to consider gold investing in 2014.

Savvy investors understand that precious metals offer the strongest safe haven investment, especially when compared to currencies and stocks. Since inflation is expected to continue being a problem, there is a good chance that currency based portfolios could be in peril. The secret to building stable investments is to consider precious metals, especially gold. If you are unfamiliar with the process of gold investing in 2014, then consider the information here.

You have a few different ways you can invest in gold, and you will need to consider each carefully to determine which will work best in your portfolio.

Exchange Traded Funds
One option to consider for gold investing in 2014 is exchange traded funds or ETFs. Essentially, these funds are a combination of mutual funds and stocks. They work like stocks and they only hold gold in underwritings instead of in physical form. ETFs work well if you are interested in being able to buy and sell more quickly. If you hold the precious metals in their physical form, you have to consider them as a slow growing investment instead of something for quick turnaround.

Gold Bullion
You can get started gold investing in 2014 through bullion. You can purchase the precious metal in its physical form through bullion bars or coins. For many people, this gives a sense of security. You won’t be depending on a piece of paper for your portfolio. Instead, you will have the gold itself in your possession.

Gold bullion bars and coins are available in different weights and purities so that you can build your portfolio based on your needs as well as your budget. Be sure to take the time and look into each of the types of coins minted in the United States as well as in Canada, South Africa, and other countries to determine which coins work best for your investments.

If you want to turn your investments into a hobby, then you can consider searching down and purchasing collectibles, like rare gold coins. These items will offer dual value because they are worth money for their gold content as well as their collectability. This is a good option if you don’t mind spending time searching for just the right coin or collectible. It does take more time, but it can be a rewarding hobby as well.

If you are interested in gold investing in 2014, then keep in mind that you have numerous options. You aren’t tied down to just one investment choice. Savvy investors understand that while the economy seems to be recovering, there is always a chance for things to go badly. That’s why they know there is a need to diversify the portfolio through safe haven investments. Gold and other precious metals can provide that safety since precious metals will always be valuable and are expected to grow in value in the coming year. Investing in gold is quite simple too so that you can get started at any time.