Precious Metals Buying Options

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Precious metals buying comes with no shortage of options. All of the precious metals buying opportunities out there offer some of the same advantages, though there are some significant differences between the various metals available, as well. Precious metals buying may mean investing some money in gold as a hedge against inflation or putting some money into platinum or palladium because the manufacturing sector is about to take off. There are so many options that it can be a bit confusing, but understanding the metals themselves can help to alleviate this confusion.


Gold is the best known of all the precious metals. It has had an important place in the economies of nations for thousands of years. It is also used for art and other purposes. The primary investment of gold as a precious metals buying option, however, is really the fact that it offers a great way to get safe harbor in the worst economic times.

When things get bad economically, people tend to gravitate toward gold. When currency values drop, gold becomes very popular with investors. When there is some sort of turmoil in the world, people tend to hoard gold. Like all precious metals, gold has never been worth nothing, which makes it attractive as a way for people to make sure they have access to something of value in the worst situations.


Silver is a volatile metal relative to gold. One of the interesting things about silver in recent years is how it has proven that it can remain useful, even when one of the primary technologies for which it was employed changes so that it is no longer needed.

Silver was used heavily in film photography. Today, digital cameras are the norm and it’s hard to even find a place to get film developed. Nonetheless, silver has performed very well. The metal also happens to be used heavily in the electronics industry. Ironically, the silver that is no longer used for film is likely being used in the same cameras that have made film more or less obsolete.


You can think of palladium as platinum’s poorer cousin. It’s still a very valuable metal, however, and is used heavily by the auto manufacturing industry. Palladium has catalyst properties, which make it useful in catalytic converters and around half of the demand for this metal comes from the auto industry. Palladium is a silvery-colored metal with a very high luster that is also becoming popular in jewelry making. There are some treasury coins available that are made out of this metal, though the US currently doesn’t produce them.


Platinum is very rare, very much in demand and very expensive. This metal is used in catalytic converters, but has a host of other uses, as well. The metal is a volatile one, so investors who get in on it are usually those who don’t mind a bit more risk in their investments. Those who want stability generally gravitate toward gold, which is far more established than platinum or palladium on the markets. Platinum is actually around ten times as rare as gold!

There are plenty of different options for precious metals buying. They can even be used in retirement accounts of various types. Most people do tend to want to own the metal in its physical form, in which cases coins, bullion and antique coinage are usually the preferred options. The last option referenced is the most complex, due to the collector’s value involved, but buying and selling bullion coinage and bullion bars is usually a very straightforward and fast transaction, making these popular ways to own metal.