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Your Own Golden Fleece

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There is a strange tale of a ram with gold fleece, from Greek mythology. If anyone is familiar with the story, they likely know about Jason and the Argonauts. Where Jason is sent on a quest to steal the gold fleece and bring is back to King Pelias. Like most good heroes, Jason successfully takes the fleece and returns home on his quest. The story of how the fleece got to Colchis is far more brilliant and intricate than Jason coming to slay a dragon.

Athamas the Minyan, a king from Southern Greece took the goddess of clouds, Nephele as his wife. They had two children together, but then Athamas fell in love with another woman. Nephele left, but her children stayed. Their step mother became jealous of the children and started plotting for ways to kill or get rid of them. Nephele then came to her children one night with a ram that had gold fleece. The ram was the offspring of Poseidon who had slept with a nymph. The children climbed on the back of the ram, who then flew away in the sky. The daughter fell to her doom, but the son was taken safely to Colchis where he then hung the fleece in the sacred garden of Ares.

How to Make the Most Money from Precious Metals Buying of Gold

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There are not very many people that decide to invest in things to intentionally lose money in the long run. By definition, the target objective of an investment is to provide the investor with profitable returns over time. Therefore, it is not surprising why there are so many investors that have leaned towards precious metals buying when exploring solid investment options. Each of the precious metals featured within this market has a confirmed value and future growth potential, especially gold. In order to build a solid foundation for future profits, several initial steps should be taken.

Focus on Physical Gold First
When it comes to precious metals buying, there are many different ways to purchase these items. First-time investors should start off by investing in the physical forms of their chosen metals. Therefore, if you want to invest in gold, then you should focus on starting things off by purchasing gold coins and bars. Buying coins is always going to be the cheaper route to take, which will allow you to purchase a higher quantity for less money. Coins are also much easier to store securely than bars.

Remain Patient in Periods of Fluctuation
Just like with any other investment that is made within the world of precious metals buying, fluctuations in value are just part of how the game is played. Investors should never feel as if their investments will never experience any losses in value, because the value of any precious metal can shift up or down at any time. This is especially the case with gold, a precious metal that currently has an increasing demand and decreasing supply on a global scale. The key is to remain patient through these periods of fluctuation, remaining confident that the values will rise again in the future so that you would still be able to generate profitable returns from your precious metals buying in the long run.

Appreciate the Historical Track Record
There are quite a few industry critics and experienced investors that have criticized the overall concept that gold is still a worthwhile investment choice when it comes to precious metals buying. These individuals argue that there are many other types of precious metals that currently have a higher value than gold and would make better investments overall because of their value. It is true that there are many other precious metals that have a higher value than gold currently, such as platinum and palladium.

However, there are very few precious metals that have been able to establish the same lengthy track record of historical value. Many other metals have been proven to lose their value just as quickly as they received it. Gold is not included on that expanding list of inevitable failures, because it has been able to remain consistent in value throughout history.

Diversify Your Portfolio Gradually
Do not be in such a rush to expand your investment portfolio as quickly as possible. Several case studies confirm that investors that get involved with this seemingly popular trend are more likely to commit short-term mistakes that lead to long-term risks and consequences. The last thing that any investor should want to do within the market of precious metals buying is jeopardize the profitable returns of their financial future by making stupid mistakes in the present. The ultimate goal is to diversify an investment portfolio with a wide range of quality investment options in order to maximize the potential for long-term success. However, there is no need to rush anything in this regard. Focus only on making quality investments over time, not quantity.

Taking the Initiative

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If you live in California you are probably aware of the recent announcement by Lancaster’s mayor R. Rex Parris, that all newly built single-family homes are required to have a minimum of 1.0kW solar energy systems installed starting January 1st, 2014. This is great news for the environment and another push toward keeping Los Angeles County as the solar generating leader in the state of California. Of course, this does not mean you have to live in Lancaster, California in order to take part in this environmental step forward. Any homeowner can make the switch from grid energy to solar energy use at any time.

Bellflower resident, Kevin Johnson looked into residential solar panels for his home last year after some persuasion by a friend. Kevin had been looking for new ways to reduce his carbon footprint in addition to the recycling and bicycle commuting he was already doing. When he learned that utilizing energy obtained from the sun would minimize his dependency on fossil fuels even more, he was sure it was the right decision. His next step was to find a solar panel installation company that provided support in his area and one that was highly respected. Seeking the advice of his friend, Kevin contacted Verengo Solar.

Reasons to Convert to a Residential Solar Energy System

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In the past few decades of solar energy, there have never been more reasons to contact a company like Verengosolar and ask about the benefits of making the switch to a solar energy system. When you ask about the benefits of switching to solar energy you will be greeted with a long list, but when you ask about the drawbacks you are likely to get silence and blank stares. There just are not really any negatives to solar energy and solar energy systems. The only part of solar energy which could, in the most stringent equations, be considered a mark on the negative side of the equation is the need to pay for the equipment. The homeowner will get a free consultation and free quote but will ultimately have to pay for the system to be installed. This, however, is also offset by lucrative rebates and other incentives, including the money which is instantly saved on energy bills. Here are a few of the many reasons to many are making the switch to a residential solar energy system:

Information You Need about Gold Precious Metals Buying

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Are you interested in buying gold? There is a lot you have to think about, especially in the current economy. Some people feel that precious metals buying right now is a risky maneuver, but before you shy away and consider something else, you have to learn more about gold and what it can offer you now and in the future.

The Up and Down World
Have you ever noticed that things always seem to go up and down in the US economy? This is true of almost anything. The value of the dollar fluctuates. The stock market seems to go up and down dependent almost entirely on a daily basis. Then why should it surprise anyone that the price of precious metals tends to fluctuate well?

It is an up and down world, so think about a few facts about gold.

  • In 2011, gold reached an all-time high price at just under $1,900 an ounce.
  • In the past two years, the price started dropping to a current value around $1,300 an ounce.
  • This isn’t the first time that the value has dropped. It did the same thing in the 1970s and in decades before.

The Investment Potential for Investing in Platinum

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Talking about precious metals does not always have to mean gold and silver. This is confusing to many people who only ever see these two metals reported in the commodities reports in the news. Even though not as many people are talking about platinum, it is not a good idea to write off investing in platinum. In fact, it is a good idea to think about the many opportunities that are made available through an investment that is in such high demand within the industrial community.

Platinum Characteristics
If you are used to gold as an investment, it is important to keep in mind when you are investing in platinum, it behaves differently than gold. This is because platinum tends to perform better when the economy is performing better. After all, the main use of platinum is in catalytic converters. There is not as much need for building more engines for cars when the population cannot buy new cars.

Precious Metals Investing Strategies Create Proven Long Term Growth

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Investors recognize the tangible assets of gold, palladium, platinum and silver as important hedges against volatile markets and other trading instruments. Precious metals investing strategies are used by investors because the specific commodities market tends not to respond the same as others, including stocks and bonds.

When investors first consider precious metals for diversification, they tend to turn to gold bullion bars and coins. However, palladium, platinum and silver also serve as highly effective diversification options that bring with them proven substantial benefits. Financial advisors often recommend that the investor allocate portfolio dollars evenly across all four precious metals that include gold, palladium, platinum and silver.

How to Buy Silver Coins

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Coin collecting can be a fun and entertaining hobby for women and men of all ages. It can also turn into a lucrative pastime because rare coins can be sold for profit. People that are interested in numismatics, or the collection and study of coins, can also share their passion with their children and even their grandkids because coins can retain their value over a number of years, and even decades.

If you are interested in investing in precious metals and coins, you will need to know how to properly buy coins minted from precious metals such as gold and silver. The U.S. paper dollar is losing value because of the recent recession, and silver coins can help you and your family in rough economic times, as well as beauty and uniqueness to your collection. Here is the proper way to buy silver coins and invest in them for a lifetime.

The very first thing that you will need to do is learn about the value of silver coins in today’s market. Silver coins can help you in rough economic times because the value of silver is highly dependent upon its supply and demand. Since silver is always in demand because it is used in so many industries, including electronics and jewelry making, its demand will never sink.

Determining the Precious Metals Outlook

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Before you can determine the precious metals outlook for the future, you have to look at two things. First, you need to look at the economy, and then you need to look at supply and demand. The two actually work together to drive prices up.

The Economy’s Impact on Precious Metals
When the economy is good, people play the stock market and invest in things that are backed by cash. However, when the economy goes downhill, investors are more likely to put their money in precious metals.

Precious metals make good investments during bad economic times because they are practically immune to inflation and deflation. That’s because precious metals have an intrinsic value and their demand outweighs their supply.

Supply, Demand and Precious Metals

Things to Know about Precious Metals Investing

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Today’s securities marketplace is full of volatility. In fact, most experts predict that this volatility is going to become the new normal. Gone are the days of making fast cash using the stock market. Even the US dollar is losing its value. This volatility is turning more and more investors towards precious metals investing. Precious metals like gold, silver, palladium and platinum are much more stable forms of investments and while they may not produce impressive short-term gains, their value has shown historical gains as the years go by. Investors who may be new to the world of investing in precious metals may want to take a little time to get to know this type of investment scheme before they jump into it. There are some important things to know when it comes to precious metals investing.

Precious Metals Resist Volatile Markets

Choosing the Right Kind of Gold Coin

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Gold coins are the most timeless, classic symbol of wealth – and for good reason.  Gold is real money.  Fiat currency is does not have true intrinsic value like gold does, nor does it have the staying power of gold.  Gold has been around since the dawn of time and has been a store of value since.  They say that an ounce of gold could buy a fine suit a century ago and it can still buy a fine suit today.

For the modern investor or collector, gold coins are a must.  These tokens add stability to a financial portfolio, as well as much-needed diversity.  Gold is an essential addition to anyone’s savings, and will help to protect them from faltering.  You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, and owning gold allows you to avoid the problems facing paper money today.

Investing in Junk Silver Coins

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Most people in today’s tough economy look for an edge. They search for the cheapest gas stations and look for bargain investments. Savings accounts pay such little interest there is almost no point in having one, and stocks have become more like an amusement park ride than a way to reliably invest. The market can make great gains one day, and sink the next. The dollar is fast losing value as the FED continues to add stimulus to the economy. On the other hand, silver is by far the best bargain investment you will find.

Luke Burgess, writing for Investment U Research says silver bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle can carry big premiums when purchased. However, there is a way to buy close to the silver spot price, and that is by purchasing silver junk coins. The catch is, you must buy them in bulk, but going this route can be a good investment despite their less than flattering name. The most common junk silver coins refer to coins minted prior to 1965 which contain silver. These coins contain between 40 to 90 percent silver, along with other metals.

Collecting Rare Numismatic Treasures from MonacoRareCoinscom

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Because of the prices being commanded by gold and silver, most of the information you’re likely to run across about collecting coins will have to do with purchasing bullion coins strictly for the purposes of investment. Most of the time, this activity involves purchasing coins that are new or nearly new and that are not necessarily rare or desirable among collectors at all. While some American Eagles and other bullion coins do end up accruing collector’s value, they’re mostly sold for their bullion. sells coins that are valuable because of their bullion, but that have another type of value, as well.

Numismatic Value
If you think about what types of things people collect, coins will probably be among the first things you think of. Coinage, in fact, is one of the most popular objects among collectors. Rare coins are the coins that collectors seek out more than they do any others and vendors such as specialize in providing these to customers.