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Tips For Collecting Rare Coins

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Collecting rare coins is one of the ways that you can invest in precious metals. It’s important to understand the distinction between collecting rare coins and investing in precious metals in the usual fashion, which includes buying bullion and bullion coins, neither of which are rare nor have value outside of their bullion value associated with them.

Collecting rare coins takes a bit of patience, some research and a decent knowledge of the rare coin market in order to be successful at it. If you do get successful at it, however, you may find yourself not only enjoying the fruits of an investment, but actually having a lot of fun doing it.

Stick to the Familiar

When you’re collecting rare coins, the best bet is to stick with coins that are well known. This prevents you from being scammed over coins that are so rare that it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to run into a specimen to buy. For example, silver dollars and gold dollars have been used throughout US history. Some of these coins are exceptionally rare, but there are many specimens on the market that are from coin series that are very well known and very easy to identify.

How to Invest Safely in Rare Coins

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Rare silver coins are other rare coins are a fantastic investment tool that can serve as a safe, low-risk investment for anyone.

In 2008, the U.S. economy was stunned by the crashing and burning of the stock market, as one and all bore witness to the volatility of ordinary stocks with no tangible monetary backing.

While many people have recovered from this historic collapse, huge numbers of investors have chosen to steer clear of the traditional stock market, and have spent the last six years seeking a more secure, stable investment that isn’t subject to the oscillations of the market.

Over the past 10 years, the market has flailed and struggled, and while recent years have helped get the market back to a healthy state, the 2008 crash serves as an example of just how unstable traditional investments are, and how your money can disappear in a split second. When you invest your money in someone else or in an intangible commodity such as a paper stock, you risk exposing your finances to frauds and swindlers like Bernie Madoff, or at the best, monetary instability and uncertainty.

Rare Coins Through The Ages

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Collecting rare coins is a hobby that thousands of people enjoy. But today rare coins investing has changed that, and in addition to the droves of avid coin collectors, huge numbers of people are choosing to invest in rare coins, realizing the many advantages that rare coins have to offer, and the fidelity that lies within this newly popular investment.

You’re probably wondering what makes rare coins so special and valuable. The answer to that is simple, and lies within the rarity that each of these coins possess. Everyone knows that precious metals are valuable. Gold and silver have been around for thousands of years, and since the beginning of time it seems that these refulgent metals have captured the attention of mankind, from the caveman to the suit-wearing Wall Street businessman today. But in addition to the value of precious metals, which is determined by a market price, rare coins carry around a story, a piece of history that in some cases, can be worth millions of dollars.

Making The Most Out Of Precioius Metals Investments

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The opportunity to invest in precious metals has always been important to serious investors. This is because of the way precious metals investments like gold will behave opposite of the rest of the economy. While the value of the dollar is dropping fast, the value of gold will increase significantly. This is because gold used to be one of the bases of the paper currencies of the world. The current paper currencies are no longer backed by gold, which can create a lot of distrust in the value of the currency for short term and long-term considerations.

Reasons for Investing in Precious Metals

One of the biggest reasons why it is important to consider precious metals investments is because it is one of the only ways to have actual wealth. The paper currencies of the world do not signify wealth, because inflation can tend to make them worthless over time. Consider what will happen if you put away a dollar for use at a future time. If left alone for a decade or more, the value of the dollar will significantly decrease. Now, do the same with an ounce of gold. Over the period of a decade or longer, the value of that ounce of gold will, at worst, maintain its value. More than likely, the gold will actually increase in value.

Rare Coins Are An Attractive Investment

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Over the last 20 years investing in rare silver coins has become more popular, and became even more popular after the Great Recession as investors began searching for alternative investments, other than stocks and bonds. According to, coin collecting in the US alone is a $10 billion a year industry. While the dividends aren’t immediately apparent, rare coins appreciate in value over the course of time.

Collecting rare coins offer a way to store wealth and it is patriotic as well. Coin collections can be left to family members long after you have left this earth, and it will be worth much more than leaving your heirs flat dollars. After all, one can only wonder how weak the dollar will be in 10 and even 20 years down the road.

Market Watch says that to truly succeed in rare coin investing you need to sleep, eat, and dream about rare coins. In other words, you must be truly fascinated by rare coins, because this ensures you have the necessary knowledge to succeed. Experts say classic rare gold coins along with high end silver and copper coins offer the best way to invest. However, you must be savvy enough to spot fraud because there are counterfeiters within the collector ranks. You can neutralize this negative aspect of the hobby by being well versed in rare coins.

Creating Profits Investing In The Precious Metals Market

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As predicted, investing in the precious metals market continues to be a profitable investment tool. This is because the historic highs of the spot price of gold, palladium, silver and platinum are expected to go even higher in the next 1 to 2 years.

In addition, many investors that had never been involved in the precious metals market previously are becoming highly attracted to these commodities. One of the leading factors in building strength in the commodities market involving gold, palladium, silver and platinum is that individuals, along with central banks, continue to purchase bullion bars, rounds and coins of the precious metals.

An Investment in Silver

Silver has a low spot price when compared to the other three leading precious metals per troy ounce. In addition, the spot price tends to fluctuate more than the other three. This is because it is highly desired in a variety of industries including the manufacturing of medical equipment, automotive parts, electronics, and the fabrication of jewelry. Many financial experts believe that the continuing demand for the precious metal silver is expected to more than double in the next few years. This is a result of the strengthening of many worldwide economies.

Precious Metals Investments to Secure Your Portfolio

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For those looking toward precious metals investments for added security during trying economic times, nothing can beat the physical possession of a metal for absolute security. While there are plenty of other investment tools that are chronicled below, they tend to involve some reliance in other people. If you are buying gold or other precious metals in order to maintain some wealth when everything is going wrong economically, physically taking possession of it is the best way to stay safe.

Bullion and Coins

Bullion is the best way to go about investments in large quantities of gold or other precious metals investments. The problem is that the price can be prohibitive. The standard size for gold bullion is a 10-ounce bar that is made of at least .995 fine purity. At the time of this writing on July 2, 2013, gold is trading for $1,243 per ounce. That means that a 10-ounce bar would cost $12,000-plus. There are also larger bullion bars, so that’s not even the most expensive option.

A Positive Outlook For Diversifying Investment Portfolios

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The recent economic turmoil has left many investors seeking new avenues for their portfolios.  Traditional investments are proving to be very risky these days and many investors are seeking opportunities that are less risky and less dependent on the overall global market.  There are many available investment opportunities that fit this bill, including investing in rare coins.  Rare coin outlook is quite good as investing in rare coins can provide stable investment opportunities and rare coins do not fluctuate in price like the stock market.  Instead, the value of rare coins tends to be stable and increase over time, protecting consumers armed with a base level of knowledge against the wild fluctuations of the stock market and global economy in general.

The main reason investing in rare coins come with less risk to the investor is the price of rare coins tends to remain stable.  Rather than erratic price swings like the stock market has, coin values tend to rise slowly and gradually over time.  Two factors keep a coin’s value stable: the materials that a coin is made with and the historical significance of a coin.  Most rare coins are made with bullion, meaning that they are typically made with gold, silver, or platinum.  These materials are all very valuable and their worth has risen significantly over the recent years.  Should bullion prices drop, the historic value of a coin will help to safeguard the value.  Most rare coins are very old and in limited supply, which helps to keep the value stable.

How To Properly Invest In Rare Coins

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Rare coins are always a good investment – but only if you know how to do it. The fact is that like all investments, buying rare coins poses several risks to the investor. The goal is to minimize those risks as much as possible in order to come out on top.

So exactly how does one go about when investing in rare coins? For those who are fairly new to rare coin investing, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Know the Difference between Price and Value

Interchanging price and value can be a costly mistake for many coin collectors. The price is basically the buying price of the coin. This represents the amount you paid to obtain the product. The value of a coin however refers to the amount you are willing to sell it for. The goal of every coin investor is obtain a piece that has a higher value than its price.

Precious Metals Buying Options

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Precious metals buying comes with no shortage of options. All of the precious metals buying opportunities out there offer some of the same advantages, though there are some significant differences between the various metals available, as well. Precious metals buying may mean investing some money in gold as a hedge against inflation or putting some money into platinum or palladium because the manufacturing sector is about to take off. There are so many options that it can be a bit confusing, but understanding the metals themselves can help to alleviate this confusion.


Gold is the best known of all the precious metals. It has had an important place in the economies of nations for thousands of years. It is also used for art and other purposes. The primary investment of gold as a precious metals buying option, however, is really the fact that it offers a great way to get safe harbor in the worst economic times.

The Precious Metals Market And Other Investments

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The precious metals market is where a lot of investors head when they’re worried about inflation and deflation. There are some things about investment that are widely misunderstood, and to some extent, this affects how people view the precious metals market. The precious metals market is, in fact, part of the overall investment market, but it plays a unique role.

Cash, Stocks, Bonds and Metal

If you were to listen to some of the alarmist information that has been put out in recent years about currency, you would come away with a very poor understanding of how the investment markets work. The precious metals market is one option that investors can put their money into, but most investors – quite intelligently – diversify their investments in a way that ensures that their wealth is preserved as much as possible.

Precioius Metals Investments Offer Much In 2013

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Not too long ago, quite a few people thought that the steady rise in gold values had met its end just because the precious metal saw a little drop back in April of 2013. However, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though gold did drop below $1,400 an ounce, it has begun rising in price once again. Numerous investors immediately started selling their gold portfolio in the wake of this drop, fearing that they would lose more money. However, as prices creep higher once again, it raises the question, should you consider precioius metals investments? Alternatively, should you stray away from any metals in fear that they will drop in value again?

Anytime you are getting ready to make a move that will affect your financial future, you should be a little frightened. After all, one wrong decision could seriously affect how comfortably you will be able to live in the future. Questioning your decisions is a good idea, but you don’t have to worry about the choice to invest in gold. Just take a moment to compare this option with the rest of the markets and the current US economy. You will easily see how precioius metals investments continue to be the right decision.

The Promising Future Of Precious Metals

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Traditionally, precious metals outperform fiat currency in all respects during times of economic uncertainty.  With this in mind, it is certainly not surprising that gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices are on the rise.  U.S. Fiscal concerns, global deficits, and over-printing of paper money are all contributing to the rapidly rising demand for a solution.  Precious metals provide a much safer alternative to paper money that is historically known for gaining significant value.

Unlike paper money, gold cannot be reproduced by human methods.  That means that the supply of gold remains steady, and there is no worry of it becoming inflated.  On the other hand, the more money that is printed out, the less it is worth.  When an object is widely available, it fails to maintain its value.  For example, if there was much gold as sand, you could simply go to the beach and bring home buckets of it.  Obviously it would be impossible to sell it for more than a few cents, as it is an abundantly available item. 

The Silver Lining In Precious Metals Investing

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As the global economy continues to falter, many are resorting to precious metals investing to diversify portfolios, protect wealth and hedge against possible runaway inflation that many see as an inevitable result of current financial policies of the Federal Reserve.  While many flock to gold as the obvious safe haven, silver is an often-overlooked precious metal whose star is on the rise.

The Many Uses for Silver Bolster Precious Metals Investing

While silver has traditionally been prized as an attractive metal for use in jewelry, and minted as coins and held in bullion form, silver’s primary use in today’s economy is industrial.  From solar panels to cell phones, new uses are popping up every day that harness the unique properties of this precious metal.

Savvy Investors And The Precious Metals Outlook

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After all of the economic commotion that took place starting in 2007, many investors are ready to find something that will provide long-term stability. They’ve seen the harm irresponsible national fiscal policies can cause. They’ve seem the turmoil that ineffective management at our financial institutions leads to.

Some, lacking a true understanding of how the global economy works, fear that there will never be a full recovery. Of course, this is a rather foolish postulation. The world will continue as it always has, even if the most dominant economies have changed. This is why savvy investors are paying attention to the precious metals outlook.

What the Global Economy Has to Do with the Precious Metals Outlook

All precious metals are traded on an international level. There is demand for gold in the United States, China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. When someone invests in gold, they aren’t relying on any single economy’s ability to grow their wealth. They’re relying on the economy of the world.